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For a Mars—Venus triple conjunction all three events can almost always be seen, but Mars is dim because of its great distance from the Earth. Triple conjunctions between the inferior planets Mercury and Venus and the superior planets Jupiter , Saturn , Uranus , Neptune , dwarf planet Pluto or with stars take place when these objects are at the same time in conjunction to Sun while Mercury or Venus are at inferior conjunction.

Frequently the second conjunction takes place when both bodies are too close to the Sun in order to be seen, while the other conjunctions are easily visible, especially if the other body is Jupiter, Saturn or a bright star. This was the case with the conjunctions of Venus and Mercury —which happen on a year cycle having to do with Venus's year cycle of appearance — that occurred at the time of the birth of Jesus Christ December 25, 7 BCE. In these conjunctions the planets were so close to each other that they appeared as a single star which lit the evening sky as if it were daylight.

Conjunctions occur in 40 year cycles i.

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Interestingly, year cycles 12 cycles of 40 years are found throughout ancient Jewish history - Solomon's construction of the Temple supposedly began years after the great flood through which Moses supposedly led his people. Jesus was born — during the conjunction on Dec 25th, 7 BCE — into the role and responsibility of delivering his people. With the dim planets Uranus, Neptune and dwarf planet Pluto the visibility of such an event is difficult, because of the low elongation from Sun. Triple conjunctions of Mercury and Venus with the exterior planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and dwarf planet Pluto happen relatively frequently approximately once in 10 years.

During the movement in their inferior conjunction loop Mercury and Venus are always involved in triple conjunctions with some stars.

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Triple conjunctions with bright stars are as frequent as with exterior planets. These are the most interesting triple conjunctions, because all three conjunctions can be seen very easily, because of the great elongation of the planets or stars involved. Triple conjunctions between exterior planets or an exterior planet and a star can only occur when these objects are nearly simultaneously in opposition.

Triple conjunctions between the bright exterior planets are very rare: the last triple conjunctions between Mars and Jupiter occurred in —, in — and in — The next events of this kind will be again in and in — The last triple conjunctions between Mars and Saturn took place in , only in right ascension and in — The next triple conjunction between these planets will occur in —, in and in For both at triple conjunctions between Mars and Jupiter and for triple conjunctions between Mars and Saturn it is possible that two such events follow at an interval of only 2 years.

This last happened for Mars and Jupiter in and and will be again in and It last happened for Mars and Saturn in — and — and will occur again in and The most historically important triple conjunction was that one between Jupiter and Saturn in 7 BCE-5 BCE, which has been proposed as the explanation for the star of Bethlehem. Triple conjunctions between Jupiter and Saturn—so-called Greatest Conjunctions —last took place in —, only in right ascension , — and It will not occur again until — There are more frequent triple conjunctions of Jupiter with Uranus or Neptune.

Otherwise, extreme emotions can prevail, and here come the outbursts and such.

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Scorpio wants us to face these things so we can learn, evolve, and be the phoenix rising from the ashes. Scorpio loves a good transformation, so that can be a good way to use this period. Transform for the better.

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We all can do that! Mercury will be anaretic, at the 29th degree, when he goes back into Scorpio December 1st - 2nd.

The anaretic degree is a point of crisis energy, and retrograde planets crossing over this degree tend to stimulate some developments, challenges, important issues, and the like. Focus on the bad guys of the world? This can make the Scorpio energy stronger, and we can be even more emotional, even more extreme, and have extra passion and intensity. Try to get a grip on the energy and channel it into something productive to use the energy up and avoid the challenges.

We may lack clarity that we need, we may feel vulnerable and deceived. The world may need a major dose of compassion! We can get lost in daydreams and fantasies, and need to fight to maintain a grip on reality. We could see something hidden, some secret that comes out with this retrograde.

enter site The time in Virgo may be more subtle, and give us feelings of feeling off and needing to focus more on daily life, work, productivity, and health. It can be hard to avoid saying what you mean, even if what you mean is mean. So we definitely need to exercise more caution with words. Be mindful of what you say, how you say it, and if you really mean it or not. This Mercury retrograde will make 3 major aspects during the retrograde.

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Mercury will also conjunct align with Jupiter on November 27th PM ET , and we may be lazy, prone to excess, and indulgent, and need to get moving. Jupiter energy is expansive, so we can feel like however things are get expanded with this aspect. Jupiter is Mr. Happy, so try to use that expansive energy positively. Mercury will conjunct the Sun on November 27th as well AM ET , called the inferior conjunction, and this can usually be a positive aspect providing an opportunity to start something.

That may especially be true with Mercury conjunct Jupiter that day too. The retrograde begins at 13 degrees Sagittarius, so those of you Sagittarians born December 2nd - 8th can feel the start of this retrograde most. The retrograde ends at 27 degrees Scorpio, so those of your Scorpions born after November 17th can feel the end of the retrograde most. For the rest of you, check the house s Mercury will be retrograding in of your own natal chart, and any aspects Mercury will make during its retrograde to your natal planets, to fully understand how it will impact you personally.

If you have Mercury retrograde in your natal or progressed chart, you may not feel the worst of this.