December 2 equinox astrology

Contact me for details. A great site sponsor and introduction to Mayan culture! Fair trade organic coffee for sale shipped to your door. And also the Vernal Equinox down under!! This marks the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. It is said that a chart done for this point in time offers a snapshot of the cosmic and literal weather for the next 3 months.

Your lookahead horoscope: December 2

And yes, I'm already thinking of doing a small book on the subject, stripping the signs of their usual attributes and taking a more universal approach to the subject of the changes of the seasons. There is an old tradition that offers us two times when "the year begins," one at the Vernal Equinox, the other at the Autumnal. Perhaps that tradition came from explorers who saw the seasons flip between the Northern and Southern, going from the beginning of warm to the beginning of cold as they moved up and down the latitudes. This is an excellent time for looking at what has ended and what is emerging.

We up North have done our Summer labor, and are reaping the harvest of what we've done and not done. In the Southern latitudes, they're beginning to plant the seeds that will grow over the next days. So if you're "down under," it's the beginning of Spring and beautiful weather.

Just remember to have a little compassion for us up here when December , the Winter Solstice, rolls around and we're freezing while you're enjoying the beach! Regardless of where we live, what follows explores elements we all can expect to experience over the next 13 weeks. The nights will now begin to be longer than the days for 6 months to come in the Northern Hemisphere, with lengthening days in the Southern. The Sun is now in Libra, promising enhanced and expanded relationships and social interactions.

We can find new ideals, new ways of measuring and evaluating the balance in things, and new perspectives that offer us a well-rounded understanding. The charts for the Solstices and Equinoxes provide guideposts for what we can expect the following 90 days in the way of weather, both actual and symbolic. The Autumn Equinox chart shows 2 planets in the first decan of their signs, 6 in the second decan of their signs, and 2 in the third decan.

This indicates a three month period of activity involving a tremendous focus on the emotional, social, and cultural levels of existence, with less emphasis, even if balanced, on the actional, physical, and material planes, as well as the individual, mental, and spiritual planes. As you know, in these active aspect sections I include barely separating partile aspects, since they are still in active operation. The outstanding quality of this Equinox chart are the strong aspects across several harmonic series.

December 2 Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

There are an outstanding number of aspects in the 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th harmonic series, with Moon quintile Sun and Uranus, Venus Vigintile Mars, Sun quintile Jupiter, biquintile Uranus, and tredecile Pluto, Mars tredecile Saturn, and Jupiter quindecile Saturn. This involves 8 planets ruling 10 signs, so obviously there will be multiple specializing gifts and circumstances over the next 90 days for all of us!

As I give you every Lunation, the quintile represents a gift or specialized talent, a biquintile represents interactive gifts and specialized talents, and the tredecile represents interactive gifts and circumstances which are serendipitous, bringing exactly what we need or landing us in circumstances perfect for our unique gifts. The Vigintile and Quindecile are partially developed gifts. So serendipity is in the air with Sun tredecile Pluto and Mars tredecile Saturn! These collective cooperative forks in the road of our lives will primarily affect planets and points we have near Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Gemini, and Leo.

Friction is provided by Moon square Mercury, quincunx Jupiter, and opposition Saturn and Pluto; Mercury is square Saturn, quincunx Neptune, and square Pluto; Venus is square Saturn; Mars is sesquisquare Uranus; Jupiter is sesquisquare Uranus and square Neptune; and Uranus, though semisquare Neptune, for this season will operate as a septile blended with a semisquare.

You can see there are a lot of frictional aspects, with the most prominent making a Cardinal T-square throwing a void into mid-Aries! The quincunxes will bring adjustments and sacrifices wherever they are in our charts, and will work out not merely as events in those houses, but also will affect the rulers of those houses as well.

Not Entirely Equal Day & Night

This chart features two seriously beneficial linkages in 10th harmonic series aspects involving Sun, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto! One would be great; two is fantastic! Last but not least, the Moon opposed Saturn and Pluto is cut into a sextile and trine by Neptune, generating a favorable and productive void in mid-Virgo.

That opposition, sextile, and trine building energy is released by the Libra T-square to the Cancer-Capricorn opposition, throwing the dynamic void into mid-Aries. Thanks to Moon in Cancer we will all hit a new level of personality integration through actions which help us consolidate our lives and get all of the parts of us on the same page, working together instead of pulling us in various directions.

Feelings will run high in the next season, and the main requirements are a identify with larger humanitarian or reform efforts, b decrease your sentimentality and time wasting habits so you can get on with your more important work in the world, and c let go of old rules and fears so you can take care of yourself and others in appropriate ways.

Beware of superficialities and superficial people while being diplomatic and kind, and cultivate your spiritual rapport with others. It may also be interesting to take a look at the past season in light of what was written then. The Third Quarter Lunar phase indicates this season will be future oriented, and focused on building systems, groups, and institutions which can bring visions of the future to others.

Beware of using too much force when a lighter touch is needed, and see the spiritual principles behind everyday actions. This phase reorients us at the end of a cycle, and is highly inventive in finding ways to embody personal ideals and truths into organized systems. This season will bring us all a different historical perspective, taking universal principles into account. With the element distribution, there should be an emphasis on practicality with almost as much interrelatedness and interactivity, since we have 4 planets in Earth, 3 in Air, 2 in Water, and 1 in Fire.

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That indicates inspiration will have to come from within, since it seems the coming season is one of practical ideas grounded in high emotions and important interactions. So take a look at the vision of a transformed life and world being offered to you as you catch glimpses of a greater sense of community and connectedness.

Open to a new archetypal role or vision, let yourself be transformed, and breathe easy as you learn and teach through kindness and the ability to get beyond the knowledge by understanding how to transmit and receive ideas. Get ready to accept new methods, new vision, new archetypes, and new roles to play. Make decisions, be decisive and act as you need to. Let your decisions lead you to deep experiences, which in turn will bring you new vision and new understanding.

Learn and teach through anecdotes, and keep your understanding new, fresh, and up to date. On a very pragmatic level, Gemini, how has your creative growth this year impacted your personal relationships? These are all questions that will come up for you this fall—and success lies in the road directly chosen and communicated. A full moon in your own sign on December 12 highlights this choice.

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Jupiter, the largest, luckiest, most expansive planet in the sky, has been traipsing through your opposite sign of Sagittarius and, consequently, your zone of committed partnerships. Summer is your season, all about renewing yourself as a snake sheds its skin. You get to reconsider your sense of value and what you value ; you take another look at how you best communicate. Easier said than done. There are blessings to be found in this work, if you accept the journey ahead. How can you best support yourself? This is the question Jupiter asks.

In Sagittarius, Jupiter has been home and consequently particularly powerful; we all have until December 2 to work with this Jupiter in Sag energy before Jupiter moves into Capricorn and your zone of committed partnerships for the next year. Focus on laying the track now.

December Solstice

For you, Leo, summer is complicated: you move from a deeply contemplative state in Cancer season to complete and utter buoyancy in your birthday season to and how do we put everything together and reshape our values? The big story this fall is that Jupiter, the planet of big faith and big luck, is wrapping up its journey through Sagittarius and your zone of creative and erotic energy. These are foundational questions, Virgo, that may not always be explicitly about the writing but that deeply inform the writing: an ever aware and evolving understanding of self—and the foundations on which you build your life—is what lends a sense of stability to your ever growing body of work.

So: home. This may have felt sensitive—planets, no matter how lovely, pushing on this particular zone usually bring up tender things. These changes could have manifested physically, by moving or redecorating a home office, or conceptually, by working through deep-seated beliefs around your ideas of home and family. Happy birthday, Libra!

You are probably ready to take a load off, because for you, Libra, summer has been all about the work. And now, with the fall equinox, we officially enter your season. The end of the year is about shedding, shifting, and realigning. A new moon in your own sign on September 28 brings an opportunity to particularly powerful intentions for the months ahead. What have you learned about setting intentions within the last year, Libra? So… what are you saying these days?

What are you writing? What are you putting out there, into the universe? Did you get a lot of work done this summer, Scorpio? You live for this. You are energized by this: by working through the deep subconscious—even facing those fears—and coming out the other side, in a new skin that suits the creative individual you are ever becoming. You rise, and rise, and rise again. Take a minute on October 27 to enjoy the new moon in your own sign. Jupiter, that big, beneficent planet of expansion, has been traipsing through your financial sector, probably bringing you some wonderful money-making opportunities over the last year but also asking you to get right with your budget. Are you charging your worth, Scorpio? On another level, Jupiter is often thought of as a blessing, but it can also blow things out of proportion—say, in the realm of over-spending.

Is it time for a new writing routine? Jupiter in Capricorn says probably. The last few months of summer have been all about translating your resources into publishing opportunities that buff up your public image and move your career forward. But fall brings a bit of a slowdown: the opportunity to invest in the community that supports the work and let them invest in you. A new moon in your own sign on November 26 marks your new year. Here, at the very end of and throughout almost all of , Jupiter will turn its lucky focus toward your money and overall sense of value. Get ready for a shakeup.

Major eclipses in Cancer and your own sign of Capricorn set off chains of events that will continue to unfold over the next few years. For you, Libra season kicks off a renewed season of focusing on your career and public image, and you carry that energy into how you invest in your community and professional networks—and also yourself. As fall trails into early winter, you get quiet; you go deep. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and faith and luck, has been traveling through your most psychic, subconscious zone: in many ways, the quietest part of your chart, but also the most potentially disruptive.