Leo daily horoscope for february 27 2020

Check the facts behind people's claims. Even if they speak with the utmost confidence, they could still be pulling the wool over your eyes. Then again, there's a chance that THEY have been misinformed themselves. No need to let your suspicious mind take the wheel. Just do your independent research and you'll know what—and who—you're dealing with.

Carve some much needed "me time" into your Sunday schedule as the Sun in personal Scorpio and your sensitive fourth house aligns with an emotional Cancer moon in your esoteric twelfth.

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If you don't feel like socializing, that's more than okay. Dive into your work and keep your interactions with work associates to a minimum.

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While you're at it, try a day-long social-media detox! You could actually get a lot done without all those distractions.

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Don't be surprised if some unexpected feelings surface under this emotionally vulnerable starmap. If you feel the tears coming on, text your trusted work wife for a cathartic heart-to-heart. Get the Horoscope Guide! Leo Daily Horoscope. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Weekend Monday, November 11, You're rarin' to go, Leo, but before you embark on your mission, have you lined up proper support?

Your mind might be a little foggy, and so anything you have to handle could require a little more concentration than usual. Life: Your finances have been on your mind lately, and you seize this week to get them in order. As for singletons, beware of heartbreakers!

As for single Leos, a chance encounter after the 20th has potential to turn your world upside down.

Tiger Luck Prediction by Month 12222

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LEO 2020 - 2021 Astrology Annual Horoscope Forecast

Solve the problem timely and never start a cold war, or the situation will get even worse. You male Tigers are suggested to compromise since it is one of the secrets of a successful marriage. If you are single, don't be impatient even if your luck with the opposite sex is not good. Health The luck for health will be mixed.

On the good side, you will be free from serious disease and get rid of the old illness slowly with careful recuperation; the slight illness in daily life will not lead to serious results. On the bad side, you will be vulnerable to accidents and need to take security measures against burglars in daily life. In particular, you female Tigers of need to be aware of your safety and don't hang out at night. While driving, watch the traffic safety and avoid fatigue driving which may bring a disaster accidentally.

Overview can be a good year for Tigers - the overall upward trend will not be affected by the occasional ups and downs. In terms of health, diet will remain a problem and attention shall be paid to healthy diet; in the aspect of love and relationship, quarrels and disputes caused by trivial disagreements may affect your love, so try to calm down. Luck for career will be associated with your wealth: a reasonable financial management will assist you to develop career and seek a second wind.

For you Tiger people born in , the year is absolutely the most suitable year for investment and financial management, provided that you plan reasonably and learn in advance; making investment blindly will do nothing good but cause irreparable consequences.

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As long as you do not act recklessly, you will have good luck for wealth. Do not listen to the slanders of relatives and friends because what you see is true; do not discuss about an investment until investigation is made on the spot and do not blindly follow the trend, or you will suffer losses. In , luck for career is closely related to wealth. If you Tigers born in succeed in investment and financial management, your career will be assisted a lot. Especially if you are self-employed, the sufficient funds will lead to the vigorous development of your business; if you are a white-collar worker, it will be a good choice to use the funds to seek the second wind of your career, open a shop or to do business in partnership with others.

In the aspect of love and relationship, can be a big challenge and trouble for the Tiger people of as you may quarrel a lot on emotional problems.